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ZEISS SONNAR 2.8/135Comments by: GERMANY aso - 01-14-15 6:37 AM  
Astronomer: GERMANY aso
Scope: SONNAR 2.8/135

Citylight + some Fog / Astronomik 2"UHC / 6x2min ISO640 f/2,8(3.0)

LUNT LS152HA/B1800 DOUBLESTACKED SOLAR TELESCOPEComments by: UNITED STATES torralba - 09-28-14 10:53 AM  
Astronomer: UNITED STATES mblaufuss

Wow! Very impressive! great detail.

ORION ED80 80MM F/7.5 Comments by: UNITED STATES aptonight - 06-2-14 8:49 PM  
Astronomer: UNITED STATES mblaufuss
Scope: ED80 80MM F/7.5

Nice work!

TAL TAL2 (6" 1200MM)Comments by: GERMANY aso - 05-30-14 6:14 AM  
Astronomer: GERMANY aso
Scope: TAL2 (6" 1200MM)

Merci, next chance is 9. May 2016 ;-)

TAL TAL2 (6" 1200MM)Comments by: UNITED STATES torralba - 05-28-14 12:58 PM  
Astronomer: GERMANY aso
Scope: TAL2 (6" 1200MM)

Wow. Almost lost it. I am amazed with all these Venus images. Thanks for posting.

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